Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A recent conversation between Jim and Amy.....

A few nights ago we were sitting watching TV. As the Olympic trials have been televised as of late, they seem to have sparked a few humorous moments as we grasp for the names of obscure sports. The recounting of the following conversation will most likely land me a spot on the Olympic "Sleeping on the Sofa" team.

Amy: "Hey, I have a question."

Jim: "Ok, what?"

Amy: "What is that sport where they go down a hill on skis and then they jump?"

Jim: "Uh, you mean Ski Jumping?"

Maybe this conversation isn't funny to anybody except us, but I got a big kick out of it and I have been teasing my wife unmercifully ever since.

I have to say though, this incident reminds me of my lovely sister April. She's been known to have a few moments like this of her own.... I guess Amy REALLY fits in with our family!


april said...

thanks a lot, jim. i guess i'm going to have to own up to my latest moment from our trip cross-country. i was helping grace memorize all the capitols from the states we were driving through and i told her that abraham lincoln was from nebraska and that's where they came up with the name. pat just proclained: "what??!!!" and i realized my mistake (i'm well aware that lincoln is from illinois - just having one of my moments). pat and gracie continuallly gave me a hard time about it for the rest of trip.

Andrea said...

I thought it was funny. Hi Jim. I found your blog on one of the Keslers blog and as my husband has turned me into an avid blogstalker I just had to check out yours. I'm so glad to see that you didn't let Amy get away!! Our/My husbands blog is so if you care to see how absolutely adorable my daughter is please do so.