Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trailer Park Moment of the Week

In a comedy routine that Jeff Foxworthy did a few years back, he stated that you "can't give a Redneck money", because he had just gone out and bought a very expensive pair of Blue Stingray Boots.

I do wear western boots almost daily, but I have always felt that I have reasonably good taste when it comes to footwear. Well, I have finally proven myself wrong.

I was browsing on the internet a couple of weeks ago and I discovered a pair of brown sharkskin boots with lime green tops and found myself wanting them badly. Thankfully, I currently lack the fundage for the aforementioned purchase, but I still felt like a redneck nonetheless.

This post is really, really pointless, but here's a picture of the offending footwear. I am fearful of the comments I will receive, but here you go!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

April's New Van

My sister April is getting a new van for her family. It's called a Dodge Sprinter. And it's huge!!

Amy and I are pretty excited for April, Pat and the kids because they really need this van - it has a wheelchair lift for their son Jacob, plenty of seating for the kids, and it gets better gas mileage than their current minivan ( somehow defying the laws of physics).

However, ther are a few accessories that I just don't think are necessary, even for a growing family like April and Pat's..... Take a look at a picture of the new van and maybe you'll see what I mean!!