Friday, June 6, 2008

April's New Van

My sister April is getting a new van for her family. It's called a Dodge Sprinter. And it's huge!!

Amy and I are pretty excited for April, Pat and the kids because they really need this van - it has a wheelchair lift for their son Jacob, plenty of seating for the kids, and it gets better gas mileage than their current minivan ( somehow defying the laws of physics).

However, ther are a few accessories that I just don't think are necessary, even for a growing family like April and Pat's..... Take a look at a picture of the new van and maybe you'll see what I mean!!


Ash & Tim said...

I don't know about the rocket launchers but i think a good gatling gun is good for any mom trying to get the kids to soccer practice, the baby to the doctor and driving the husband to work all at the same time.
LOL love ya bro

april said...

i asked pat if he saw your blog (i meant this post) and he responded: "my only question is why won't you buy me a gun?" yes, cool wife indeed, there, jimbo.

i'm with tim, probably good i blast people out of the way before i run over them. (since i seriously have a lead foot problem, probably shouldn't joke about running people over. oh well.) thanks for the laugh.