Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Trucks and Odd Ducks

This year we decided to be grown ups and send out Christmas cards. However, we needed some awesome pictures that make us look cool and hip, so where did we decide to go take them?

A Lumber Mill.

That's right, Ladies and Gentlemen. We went ot a lumber mill. And we rock.

Ok, not really, but these old vintage water trucks are literally three blocks from our apartment. They are castoffs of the lumber mill and we have been meaning to take some pictures of them for a long time. Well, we finally did, and we even managed to put ourselves in the pics (thanks to the magic of timed photos). So forgive the two people uglying up the pretty old trucks. I swear, we're not some kind of ridiculous narcissists, we just wanted to share some of the pics.....

Amy worked these over in photoshop, and I think they turned out -pretty well. I think we could totally be models in the JCPenney catalog (well, if I was hotter, maybe!!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some Old Photos

Amy and I were looking through some old photos we have, and we got a kick out of these ones. They were taken at a Latin themed (that's politically correct English for "Mexican") party my roommates and I threw back in the day..... we used to celebrate Cinco de Noviembre because it was exactly six months from Cinco de Mayo, and it always seemed like a good time to have a party!

Amy photoshopped the photos so they looked old, and we thought they were worth sharing.....

Our friends Jarom and Seth with their big belt buckles. This one looks like it was taken in the early to mid-Seventies!!

Ay!! Los caballeros locos, pero guapos hacen la musica hermosa! (The crazy but handsome cowboys make the beautiful music!)

A moment of serious consideration.... we were trying to look cool, but I'm not sure we succeeded.
Doesn't this look like the kind of photo you'd see hanging in the wall in an old Saloon?