Sunday, February 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Hey all!! Here are a few more overdue pics!

This year we took a nice long Christmas vacation and visited both of our families. We were gone for more than 3 weeks. Well, during those three weeks, northern Idaho received 5 feet of snow!!

Needless to say, our cars were buried. We only got photos of the Forester, but keep in mind, this car was moved twice while we were away so the snowplows could clear the parking lot. The snow on the car is just a portion of what fell. I wish I got more photos of us driving around Post Falls - it was amazing! There were 5-7 foot snowbanks on both sides of the roads all over town - it didn't even look like the same place!

We also got a few photos of the falls across from our apartment - it's a beautiful sight to see them all covered with icicles and snow.