Friday, May 23, 2008

Jim is a Rocker!! Amy is a Folker!!

Okay, the truth is that we are both very, very lame. But we like to play the guitar. We get a few cool points for that, don't we?

I have been working on two or three guitar building projects since midway thru college, but none of them have gotten very far. The solution? Buy some parts that don't require any sanding, painting, or basically any effort or skill on my part. Again, this makes me extremely lame.

The result, however, is truly awesome!! About two years ago in Oklahoma, I did manage to stain and clearcoat both of the Stratocaster necks that I have. A few weeks ago I finally broke down and bought a pre-finished Candy Tangerine orange body and a special trick wired pickup set on eBay. Yep, you heard it right, Tangerine orange, baby!

A little solder, cutting the nut cavity, and screwing together later, this fire breathing beast was born!! And it was a heck of a lot cheaper than buying one at the store. I have to admit, this Strat is way cooler than any of the other three I have previously owned. She's a keeper.

Amy and I had a little too much fun taking pictures, so here are some pics of us "playing" the guitar (I use the word playing loosely). just be glad this Blog doesn't come with sound. I remember as a teenager, Mom would come storming into my room and rip the amplifier cord out of the wall. Apparently I was playing too loud and too poorly. Unfortunately for our neighbors, so things just don't change....

Amy Lurves her Guild!!

I am a God of Rock.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Weekend

We finally had a beautiful weekend to do something outdoors. YEAH!! We went on a great little hike that had some awesome views of Lake Coeur d' Alene. After the strenuous.... 3 mile.... uphill climb, we made it to the top of Mineral Ridge ( I say strenuous because we are out of shape and anything above a 9% incline is classified 'strenuous').

We thought this was the grand overlook of the lake....

so we were surprised when we saw this.....

Even though we are far away from family and friends (we miss you TONS!), we love where we live!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Love My Wife.....

So I just had a birthday last week and I have to say that my wife was VERY good to me....

She helped me buy a pistol.

That makes her EXTREMELY cool.


With the rising cost of ammo these days, it has been getting rather expensive to shoot my .45 automatic. As a result, I have had a hankering to get a 9mm 1911. So, beacause Amy is so nice, she decided to help me buy a beautiful Kimber 1911 9mm (Tactical Pro II if you're a guy and this interests you in the slightest - actually, I bet most of the girls have stopped reading by this point so I can pretty much say whatever I want right now.............Testosterone rocks!! I forgot to put the toilet seat up. I don't like your black shoes!! I'm totally kidding!!)

I may sound a little overexcited, but this pistol rocks! Steel slide, aluminum frame, 4" match grade bull barrel, ambidextrous grip safety, lightweight hammer, 30 lines per inch checkering on the frontstrap and bottom of triggerguard, 20 LPI checkering on backstrap, magwell, crisp match trigger......
Very exciting!!

Pics deleted due to paranoia.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Motivational Posters

Okay, so one of my favorite websites is called This website specializes in a product that they call "De-motivational Posters". I have enjoyed perusing the selections on their website, but recently I discovered a few homemade motivational posters on the web. I thought they were funny and you should too!! My favorite is the one about lobsters.....

Welcome to The Trailer!!

Welcome to The Trailer!! Pull up a banana chair or just curl up on on the green shag carpeting.... don't mind the stains! It may be a little cramped in here, and it may smell a like 3 day old pizza and mildew, but it's home, and we hope you like it here! This page is a tribute to our small insignificant lives and we will try to share our interesting experinces as well as out likes and dislikes. For instance - we like Chuck Norris. He's just cool. Mr. T is also cool. I could probably rattle off a long list of eighties TV characters, metal bands, and convenience store snacks (Slurpees and Hostess cakes) but I think you get the idea.

This is the crusty & cute blog of Jim and Amy MacNair! We are a goofy couple living in the northern panhandle of Idaho. We live in a small two bedroom apartment with 3 stuffed monkeys and a wooden duck. Idaho is a wonderful place to live and we're grateful to be able to live in a beautiful, friendly, Republican area.

Jim is a tall slightly overweight redhead who works for Buck Knives as an industrial designer. He draws pictures all day and loves his job. Amy is a fun loving girl, currently seeking employment in the field of education, and enjoys scrapbooking, photography, and is learning the magic of photoshop. We both love the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, Butt-Rock (80's hair bands), ducks, motorcycles, guns, and pretty scrapbook paper.

Here is a picture of Jim and Amy. We're trying to look pretty here. Gaze upon all of our majesty!

We will try to keep this blog up to date with our exploits and adventures, although we are just coming out of a long winter, so most of our activities have involved the couch, the TV, and the DVD player. We've also spent too much time shopping, so like any red blooded American consumers, we will share our most recent purchases so we can show how much better than you we are!!

Well, now that we've shown how weird, smelly, and arrogant we are, we'll take a break. However, there will be more to come.... remember, you've been warned!

10-4 good buddy!! Over and out!