Saturday, June 7, 2008

Trailer Park Moment of the Week

In a comedy routine that Jeff Foxworthy did a few years back, he stated that you "can't give a Redneck money", because he had just gone out and bought a very expensive pair of Blue Stingray Boots.

I do wear western boots almost daily, but I have always felt that I have reasonably good taste when it comes to footwear. Well, I have finally proven myself wrong.

I was browsing on the internet a couple of weeks ago and I discovered a pair of brown sharkskin boots with lime green tops and found myself wanting them badly. Thankfully, I currently lack the fundage for the aforementioned purchase, but I still felt like a redneck nonetheless.

This post is really, really pointless, but here's a picture of the offending footwear. I am fearful of the comments I will receive, but here you go!!


Casey and Brittny said...

Seriously, Jim - when Casey showed me the picture in the email you sent him, I nearly barfed the same color as the top of those - what do you call them? I do offer my condolences (gag) that you are unable to purchase them at the present time (secret feelings of relief), but I'm sure you have lots of other offensive clothing or footwear to compensate for the noticeable absence of these in your wardrobe. Just kidding.

april said...

hey, i'm for all things green! i like 'em. but probably would never purchase them even if i had money, so i hope that gets me clear of the title redneck - along with my love of cities and sophisticated new york driving.

Liz said...

ok . . . have to say that I can totally see you in those and would suggest that you save your pennies and get them.