Thursday, July 10, 2008

Manito Park

So, I've had the idea to decorate some of the bare walls in our apartment with photos of flowers. I've looked around in the vast selection of home decor stores that the Northwest proudly offers (which is pretty much Target, Kohls and Walmart), and have found pretty much nothing. Which leaves me with my own "talents", so with camera in hand, Jim and I paid a visit to Spokane's very own Manito Park. Can I just say I love this park! It is a 90 acre park with 5 different gardens.

The Rose Garden

The more formal Duncan Garden.

Jim on a bridge
And a bridge of Shrubbery
Anyway. These are the pics that I like best. The colored pics are the originals and the B&Ws, I played with a bit in photoshop.

I'm hoping these are worthy of a frame.


misswendy said...

They're great Amy-go for it!

april said...

yes, definitely frame worthy.

Casey and Brittny said...

Are you guys in Spokane now? We haven't heard how things are going for you and are anxious to know what's up!