Sunday, March 1, 2009

Goofy Gracie and Looney Lily!!

In a recent post, Amy and I detailed a trip we went on where we visited with both our families. This time, when my parents flew into town, they decided to bring two of my nieces (Grace and Lily) along with them so they could spend time with their paternal grandmother (are you lost yet?).

In any case, Amy and I got to spend some time playing and goofing around with the girls, and we thought we'd share a few photos of my beautiful nieces.

The girls decided it would be fun to dress me up, tie me to the chair, and put a braid around my head that they decided was my "girl hair". I was really at their mercy.....where did they learn to tie those knots???

Lily, plotting what she can do next to torture her foolishly permissive uncle.....
Could a girl with this angelic face be capable of wrong??
Sorry Grace, but we KNOW that the kind of behavior that YOU are capable of!!!


april said...

love the pics of my girls!!! they adore you guys too. thanks for spending time with them. you do know that "gigi" came about from abbreviating "Gracie Goofball" to "GG". yeah, she's always been goofy.