Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and All Things Autumnal - Take 2!!!

Hey Everybody!! It's been a beautiful fall up here in North Idaho! This year, Amy had the wonderful idea that we should go to a real pumpkin patch rather than just buying our pumpkins at Wal Mart. It was a beautiful day and it brought back a lot of memories of picking pumpkins when we were kids! In the Photo above, you can see Amy displaying a lovely traditional orange pumpkin, and Jim displaying an atrocious green monster pumpkin (which we got for 1/2 price because it was green! Score!!)

Here we have a pic of Pumpkin number 2 being weighed and Amy surrounded by orangey pumpkin goodness!

The carved Pumpkins - Jim Tried for a Spooky Tribal Face design that he sort of made up on the fly, and Amy made an awesome flaming skull design! By the way, we learned something awesome about green pumpkins - they are super easy to clean out and their guts aren't slimy and stinky!! Awesome!!

Not so awesome - We also learned (the hard way) that a pumpkin with 1/2 inch thick walls will rot and collapse by the next morning...... We waited 'til two days before Halloween to carve the pumpkins, but Jim's gave up the ghost a bit early..... :(

Just for comparison's sake, here is our pumpkin from last year - we got all Martha Stewart on this one with raffia hair plugs, blown eggs for eyes, and gourds for the nose and ears.

Costumes!! Ow can it be Halloween without them?? Apparently, Amy and I went as the 70's for Halloween. Jim kept telling people he was a used car salesman, but the truth was that we just wanted an excuse to wear some of our awesome old clothes. Amy's dress was one that her Mom used to sport back in the day, while Jim's suit was a gag gift from his sisters. The scariest part is that it fits perfectly!

Jim and his friend Tim from church had the best hairpieces at the Ward Halloween Party..... The best costume was the Transformers plane costume worn by the little boy in the picture - it was made of cardboard, but it REALLY TRANSFORMED!! How awesome is that? Parents everywhere - the bar has been raised!!

Finally, on Halloween night, our friends invited us out for dinner and a scary movie (and saved us from the loser existence of sitting around our apartment complex where Trick-or-Treaters fear to tread...)
Overall, it's been a fun holiday for us and we hope it was great for you and yours!!!


april said...

awesome post! i must admit that i had only skimmed your post before talking with you yesterday, so i think i now understand some of the things you were talking about.

love that the suit fits perfectly! i would love to take credit, but wendy is the one who gets all the credit with that one. amy, way to rock a dress. i liked the pumpkins especially how amy's had a skull like shape to it. loved your phrase "martha stewart" like. transforming costume is cool. i already asked pat and he's not up for the challenge.

thanks for doing a real, authentic post. lots of love.