Thursday, September 18, 2008

Trailer Park Moment of the Week (9-18-08)

Hey there everybody!! Sorry it's taken us so long to post on the Blog, but we've been experiencing technical difficulties with our home Internet for a long time here. You could call it our Trailer Park Moment of the MONTH. Our Internet people represent a level of ineptitude that is generally only exhibited in the manufacturing of British Automobiles and the cleaning of fast food restrooms.

In any case, we are FINALLY back up.

This Trailer Park moment should have happened a long time ago. We were parked at the local gas station - the one located about 150 yards from our humble abode. Mom was inside buying (guess what) a soda, when we noticed a different kind of soda machine on the side of the building.

That's right - this one dispenses live worms and nightcrawlers.

This one should be categorized under "things you only see in Idaho". I absolutely love this state, and part of me actually thinks that it's totally awesome that we have Soda Machines filled with Bait, but it's still pretty Trailer Park in my book.


Jenn Hansen said...

I guess that just isn't odd to me, but then again I've lived in Idaho most of my life and we have one of those in front of our local Albertsons...

Jim and Amy said...

Jen, I thik it's a great idea also, I just had never seen a Bait Vending machine before.

When I was a kid we just dug up some worms, or at worst got some at the gun shop.

I just felt like it went along with our theme.

At least I haven't ranted yet about the fact that the local paved bike trail goes right over the septic field for the trailer parkl down the road from us. Whenever you ride by, it smells like.... yup, you guessed it.... sewage!!

april said...

this. is. awesome.!! i totally was got a great chuckle from this.

@jenn - yeah, if you didn't grow up in Idaho, it is odd - but in a great way.

Liz said...

Man I miss Idaho and all it's oddities.