Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I must be getting Old.....

WARNING: This may be a boring post.

I hear that as you get older, you start to realize how many boring stories you end up telling people. Here's one from me:

So we went to the store today to get a few groceries and thing s we needed for the apartment.
Well, I ended up in the housewares section of our local Wal Mart (I know, I'm a bad person for shopping there) staring at the giant wall of light bulbs.

As I stood there, I got to thinking, "You know, the bulb I'm replacing was a 150 watt bulb. I bet I could save a lot of money on my electrical bill if I got one of those energy saving fluorescent bulbs."

And like that, I suddenly discovered that I was 65 years old. I remember when we were kids, and the household fluorescent bulbs first became available, my father went and spent a bunch of money on these newfangled fluorescent bulbs and put them in all the lamps in our house. He too was trying to save a little money on the electrical bill. They gave off that cold, greenish white industrial glow, and I remember how much we hated them - we would actually cheer with joy when one would die and we could replace it with a normal 75 watt bulb.

I'm not sure if Dad ever knew this, but we would occasionally try to give the bulbs a little extra nudge to help them shuffle off this mortal coil a little faster. I guess you could refer to it as some type of electrical euthanasia...... we might knock over a lamp by "accident" or know into the ceiling bulb with a broom handle as we went by.

And now, here I am, 28 years old, standing in the housewares section, and doing exactly what my dad did. Crap!!

I used to be cool.... I swear!! My mom says I'm cool!!


april said...

it's always scary to act like your parents. well said even if you do shop at walmart (don't worry i occasionally go there too; i should probably go more - but i just love looking around at target too much.)

misswendy said...

When you start buying chicken, potatoes (for mashing, of course) and 10 bottles of Diet Vanilla Coke along with those lightbulbs, I WILL INTERVENE!!

Your sis, Wen

april said...

ape here. dad doesn't have a google account and is right here next to me. jim - he's NOT 65 yrs old!! heck, he's not even 60 yet. wendy- you're a rat.

april said...

i now must mention that dad the big genius that he is couldn't figure out why your blog wasn't taking his comment. how hard is it to just scroll down!