Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Water Sports!!

This post really should have occurred several months ago (back when it was still warm outside), but we have been somewhat delinquent in posting as of late. So sue me.

In any case, several months back, while my Mom was visiting us, we spent a lovely day on the Spokane River. We put the boats in at a local spot called Black Bay Park. The park has a shallow, secluded bay off the river with many spots to swim and play in the water. There is also a great rope swing there, and we all managed to use it! We paid for it the next day in stiff muscles (gosh I feel old) but it was well worth it!

Amy in the yellow "Yak" with the beautiful Idaho wilderness in the background

Jim and Mom paddling around in the Kayaks

A litte Photoshop magic allowed us to show Mom swinging and splashing down in the water all in the same picture....... How cool is my Mom!!??

Jim and Amy getting air on the rope swing!! We are higher up than it looks!!